Appraisal Studies Development LTD.


A Community Research Company


ASDL research is an independent research and strategy consultancy.

ASDL follow the international organisation ethos to ascertain the terms and service requirements for professionals conducting to opinion and social research.

ASDL developed standard of system that sets out the requirements for quality researches and feature clients’ satisfaction. The standard sets out requirements for the confidentiality chersof research, project documentation, training, outsourcing, and reviewing the effectiveness of the quality system as a whole. ASDL researches are based on reliable sources of information that analyse the market and industries trends; and provide skilful advice to clients on how to succeed.



ASDL researchers have firm experience across qualitative and quantitative methodologies. They use different range of sources to present a consistent creative actionable vision and reports. The researchers are specialists in the business and community regions (profit and non-profit).


ASDL customers may include public bodies, private companies, local authorities, Educational institutions, and the charitable sector.



Areas of Work





Science/ Health

Community Safety



Contact Detals


Tel: 07510887344

Email: asdl@legalawareness.org.uk

Company No: 8466699


Directors & Researchers

Mr. G Adnan

Ms. A. Taher





Welcome to the Legal Awareness Website (LAW).

The website was launched in September 2011.

LAW presents legal and social research, articles, comments and information supplied by lawyers, researcher and others.

LAW is a weighty online community support resource that aim to share out awareness within the public and voluntary sectors.

LAW Works in corporation with Appraisal Studies Development Limited.



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